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Gladiators Arena

Gladiators Arena event holds every day at 17:25 UTC+2. Gate to Arena appears behind the Altair Market. All interested players can participate in event, no admission fee is set.

If you want to participate, then you must leave your mount at the stables and go into the portal. It doesn’t matter what you are equipped with, you will be given class-oriented gladiator set; all of your personal equipment will be returned after finishing event. It is strongly recommended to not remove jewelry before the event manually, as in this case you will lose magic jewelry charges.

All participants receive level 12, maximized skills and stats (within class-based cap) till event, as well as the default gladiator’s equipment. Battle begins at 17:35 UTC+2 and it conducts under FFA rules. Defeated players (equipped in their own arms) teleports into Altair automatically. Here’s winners awards:

Place Prize
1 300 fame, 30000 exp, 75000 gold coins, prize stone and nominal statue, Gladiator`s sash
2 200 fame, 20000 exp and 50000 gold coins
3 100 fame, 10000 exp and 25000 gold coins

Team Tournament

Team Tournament holds every day at 21:00 UTC+2. All interested players may enjoy event, no admission fee is set. You must leave your mount in stables and enter the gate behind the Altair market to participate. It doesn’t matter what you are equipped with, you will be given class-oriented gladiator set; all of your personal equipment will be returned after finishing event. It is strongly recommended to not remove jewelry before the event manually, as in this case you will lose magic jewelery charges. All participants receive level 12, maximized skills and stats (within class-based cap) till event, as well as the default gladiator’s equipment.

Battle starts at 21:10 UTC+2. All players divide into two teams randomly. Last entered player will not participate in event in order to team balance.

Event hold in order of Team Deathmatch rule — eliminate entire enemy team to win the battle.

All participants will be teleported to Altair in their own arms after finishing event.

Every player of victorious team awards with
— 25,000 gold;
— 25,000 experience;
— 250 fame;
— Team Tournament winner robe.

Siege of a Capital

This event occurs every day after the Team Tournament event. It occurs behind the bridge of a capital(Quintar, Capital of the Empre or Aiventis, Capital of The Shadows). Event occurs only in the "Battle projection" of the world
. Objectives:
Crystall defenders - defend crystall at all costs till 22:00 server time.
Crystall attackters - destroy the crystall before 22:00 server time.
Features of the event:
Crystal spawns at the perviously defeated capital. For example: if crystal spawned at the chaos capital and order has destroyed it, the next day it will spawn at the chaos capital again. If order didn't succeed in destroying the crystal and chaos succesfuly defended it, it will spawn at the Quintar bridge the next day. This's been made to balance the battle.
Apron of Force, gold (the amount of gold depends on the fame of the character). all winners receive rewards in a 50 tile radius from the crystal.

Guard posts. War of Factions.

There are 11 guard posts (GP) in the gaming world. Every guard post belongs to some Faction and its defended by NPC guards.
Guard post may be attacked and captured till event.
Owners must defend the GP, all other factions may try to attack and capture it.
Notice: Guard posts WoF event holds in battle projection of the World, so you may be looted if you will be killed.

Here’s some event features & rules:
— guard post owners receive warning messages while GP is underattack;
— attackers must destroy magic crystal at guard post territory to capture a post;
— guard post ownership changes in order of summary damage dealt in case of capturing (best damage dealing Faction becomes a new owner);
— global world message will be sent to all players in case of guard post capturing.
— attackers will be awarded with huge amount of fame (based on guard post level) in case of successful assault;
— treasure chest will appear at guard post after WoF event. Only attackers may loot suchlike chest in case of successful attack. Owners may loot this chest in case of successful defend.

Guard post crystals is graduated by level. Crystal’s level affects crystal’s resistance and regenerate rate. Every faction player may upgrade suchlike crystals paying with gold coins.

Every controlled guard post gives one income point for holding faction.
Income point means income into faction treasury at the rate [players level+3]×15 gold coins per every faction player online.


Crystal upgrade cost:
Level Value, gold coins
1 2000
2 5000
3 10000
4 15000
5 20000
6 30000
7 50000
8 80000
9 130000
10 200000

Controlled guard posts gives opportunity to obtain military ranks:
Outposts under control Obtainable rank
1 Major
3 Colonel
6 General

Use .guardposts command in game to check event schedule and guard posts status.


Frozen River

Frozen River is an automatic PvP event, where each player can take a part, Regardless of the Class and Level. Event is free, all your stuff will be removed. After end of event will be given back, and you will be teleported to Altair.

Objectives and Gameplay:

Players are divided into 2 teams (Randomly) – Red Team and Blue Team. Main Objective in this game is, to get to Enemy Base, steal their Flag and to bring it back. For successfuly delivered flag team gets a points. Player which brought a Flag gets private points as well. You cant deliver enemys flag successfull , till enemy has your flag. So, before you deliver enemys flag, you should retrieve yours. Retrieving your Flag back (Killing enemy which has your flag), you get private points as well.

In case you die, you will be teleported to special room, withh teleport inside it, where you must wait 30 seconds to return to battle.


  • Players get points for killing enemies as well.
  • Gate to Event opens for 10 minutes, and is located in Altair. You are able to enter mounted.
  • Players are divided in 2 equal teams , excess player will be teleported to Altair before event starts.
  • Duration of this event is 30 minutes. Team which will delivers 5 enemy flag - wins.


During Event, Players are able to find amunition (stepping on it) like bottles, arrows, reagents. Special Event Artifacts can be found as well

Artifact of Force Leap – This artifact helps you to overcome an obstacle.
Artifact of Explosion Trap – This artifact can beplace a bomb trap on the floor.
Artifact of Force Pull  – This Artifact allows you to pull objectives to you.
Artefact of Force Push  – This Artifact pulls all objectives from you.
Artifact of Knock Down Trap – This Artifact can be placed on floor, when enemy player will step on it, he will fall of feet losing flag.
Artifact of Spider Trap  – This Artifact creates Spider Web.


Taking a part in this Event, Players are able to get Badges of Frost.

  • Win – 5 badges of frost.
  • Draw – 2 badges of frost.
  • Defeat – 1 badge of frost.

You can exchange Badges of Frost by “Zaira”. Read more..

Event Commands:

.score – shows status of the Event. Time till end, amount of Players, Red and Blue team Points, Player Flags.

.afk – sending a report to a player when he's AFK.

.quit – Refuse taking a part of Event, you will be teleported to Altair.



- Coming soon


- Coming soon

Two Strongholds

  • equipment and mounts are given;
  • 2 teams, 2 bases(strongholds);
  • Goal: steal enemys Magic Food and don't let them steal yours;
  • each castle has 20 peaces of Magic Food;
  • to steal food you need wolf. There are a few wolves in forest near the castle;
  • when you come close to enemies Magic Food wolf steals it and gets the color of it;
  • food should be delivered to hame stronghold;
  • successfull delivery gives a point to your team and wolf gets his rest;
  • if you return painted wolf to your throne hall itll return Magic Food to it's place and wolf now becomes white;
  • there are power artifacts in the fortifications at the centre of the arena::
    • Cloak of Damage +100% damage;
    • Cloak of Defence +100% defence;
    • Cloak of Aura Damage +40% damage to all allies in 12 radius;
    • Cloak of Aura Defence +40% defence to all allies in 12 radius;
  • Baron in the throne hall gives original mounts;
  • command .score can be used to get statistics,
  • consumables can be found in the fortifications and forest.

Event rewards

Sash of Gladiator:
— awarded for 1st place in Gladiators Arena event;
— blessed (newbie), unlimited durability;
— can be used only by it`s owner;
— +30 to all stats;
— +1 to all regeneration rates;
— exists until next Gladiator Arena event.

Robe of Team Tournament Winner:
— awarded for winning Team Tournament event;
— blessed (newbie), unlimited durability;
— can be used only by it`s owner;
— +50 to all stats;
— +20 AP;
— complement all armor sets;
— exists until next Team Tournament event.

 Ring of Guard Post Commandant:
— award for for capturing a guard post;
— blessed (newbie), has 999 charges;
— gives +1hp regeneration;
— +30 to all stats;
— +15 to magic defence;
— Disappears after 24hours.

Apron of Force:

— award for for destroying/defending capital crystal;
— blessed (newbie), unlimited durability;
— g+1 to all regeneration rates
— +20 to all stats;
— Exists untill the next siege.



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