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Shard features

World projections

Whole gaming World on the server is divided in two projections. Moving between them is possible via special transition points located in the center of the four Capitals. Red pentagram transfers character into battle projection while green leads into a peaceful one. The player starts in the peaceful projection by default.
Battle projection of the world is the ordinary UO world, here players can attack each other; players’ opportunities isn’t limited by any artificial restrictions. Also, the Guard Post WoF event holds here.
Peaceful projection’s limited with several restrictions:
— players cannot damage each other;
— players can’t be looted;
— players can’t use thievery skills;
— players can’t dig up any ore higher than Meteor while mining in pits;
— only Premium Account owners can harvest high ore veins and higher trees;
— all characters at non-premium accounts can’t exceed 7th level character damage limit;
— enemy guards will not attack player first. That gives possibility to visit enemy-controlled territory. Peace projection of the world is perfect place to level-up players below 8th level. Besides, peaceful side will be vital part of quests and story implementation. Level 8+ player without premium account bonuses can produce higher gain while in battle side until becomes robbed or killed, of course.

To check your side out you can use .showmap command. Your character will be marked as green spot in peaceful projection, and with red — in battle one.

Premium Account

You can activate Premium Account in-game for certain period, paying with a gods’ stones
Premium account (PA) provides several benefits:
    — ×1.5 experience gain;
    — ×2 increasing skill and stat gain;
    — ×1.5 treasure map drop chance  from NPC;
    — ×1.5 treasure key drop chance from NPC;
    — damage limit on NPC in peace projection are identical with war projection (no damage limit);
    — character can harvest higher resources in a peaceful world projection;
    — can use high summon magic in peace projection;
    — can use high polymorph magic (Polymorph) in peace projection;
    — character dont loose Fame when you got killed by NPC;
    — item durability does not decrease when you got killed by NPC;
    — there is a chance to tame any animal without Taming skill requirement;
    — mounted creature is always fed;
    — +500 to a maximum weight.
    — Insurance for Rare Mounts if they get killed by NPC; there is possible to insure your Rare Mount before his death, works only if your mount was killed by NPC and you had activated Rare Transport Insurance in .premium menu (Premium Account must be active). Your mount will be shrinked and moved to your bank.


Notice that Premium Account does not give cardinal bonuses to mining in caves and harvesting ore veins while in peaceful projection, also if your Rare Mount will be killed by Player - you will loose it.

Package "Premium+", has all Premium Account bonuses , in addition: 
    — ×2 experience gain; 
    — ×3 increasing skill and stat gain; 
    — ×2 drop rate for a treasure maps from NPC; 
    — ×2 drop rate for dungeon key from NPC; 
    — insurance of the rare mount is free and activates automatically; 
    — You can summon Zhar-Ptica (Firebird mount) which gives 30 strength, agility and 60 intelligence to owner, (same good as Reptalon in battle)

To open Premium Account settings, type .Premium ingame.

Gods Stones

Gods’ stones (gs) — auxiliary game currency that can be obtained as gratitude for donations, as a reward for helping the server, as a prize for winning some events; sometimes it can be bought at official auctions. Players have freehand with gs, right as any other game goods — you are competently to gift, sell or exchange any of your gs.
Here’s list of some in-game features that you can exchange gs for.

— Premium Account for 24 hours, for 50gs.
— Premium Account for 7 days, for 150gs.
— Premium Account for 30 days, for 500gs.
— Premium Account for 90 hours, for 1200gs.
— Premium Account for 180 days, for 2000gs.
— Premium Account for 360 days, for 3500gs.

— Premium Account for 24 hours, for 100gs.
— Premium Account for 7 days, for 300gs.
— Premium Account for 30 days, for 1000gs.
— Premium Account for 90 hours, for 2400gs.
— Premium Account for 180 days, for 4000gs.
— Premium Account for 360 days, for 7000gs.
Use .premium command to activate Premium Account.

If you want to buy any of advanced character, you should talk with vendor Reinar on the Altair market. To donate for UORPG and get gods stones need to write a PM to Wap at forum.

Reinar Features
Advanced Start Character for 490 gs:


Advanced Start Character for 490 gs:
— 8th level;
— Maximized class-based skills and stats; each non class-based skill and stat is set to ½ of cap;
— Full Empire Armor Set + Empire weapon (class-oriented);
— 500,000 gold coins.

Fully-skilled Character for 1790 gs:
— 12th level;
— All the skills and stats maximized;
— 10000 fame;
— Full Elemental Armor Set + Elemental Ore weapon (class-oriented);
— 3,000,000 gold coins.

Strong Character for 2490 gs:
— 15th level;
— All the skills and stats maximized;
— 25000 fame;
— Full Elemental Armor Set + Elemental Ore weapon (class-oriented);
— 5,000,000 gold coins.

Absolute Character for 29000 gs:
— Premium+ for life (as long as character exists);
— 20 level, with maximum skills and stats;
— Option to change character class one time in week, after the class change player gets maximum skills and stats;*
— Earrings of Adventurer, Blessed, unbreakable, can be equiped by owner;
— 3,000 hours in the game, and Veteran's Cloak of non-standard style;
— 25.000 fame.
— Full Elemental Armor Set + Weapon (class-oriented);
— 50,000,000 gold coins.

   * Class change rules for Absolute Character:

    — Changing to Crafter class costs 5 gs;
    — Changing back your class from Crafter (to class you had before) costs 5 gs;
    — Changing your class once a week is Free;
    — Changing your class rather that one a week will cost you 100 gs.

    —1.000.000 Experience (200 gs)
    —5.000.000 Experience (850 gs)
    —20.000.000 Experience (2900 gs)

    Blessed Items:
    — Blessed shroud of Desintoxication (990 gs)
    — Blessed Paralyze Protection shroud (990 gs)
    — Blessed Flame shroud (800 gs)
    — Blessed Ice shroud (800 gs)
    — Blessed shroud of Undead Priest (800 gs)
    — Blessed shroud of Desintoxication + Blessed Paralyze Protection shroud (1500 gs)
    — Return lost Blessed items (100 gs)

Artifacts and Armor Sets:
    Crafter Artifacts +10.0% skill:
    — Magic Elemental pickaxe (200 gs)
    — Magic Elemental hatchet (200 gs)
    — Magic Elemental smith hammer (200 gs)
    — Magic Elemental bowcraft dagger (200 gs)
    — Magic Elemental saw (200 gs)
    — Magic Elemental tinker tools (200 gs)
    — Robe of Smart Cartographer (200 gs)

    Crafter Artifacts +20.0% skill:
    — Magic Mithril pickaxe (400 gs)
    — Magic Mithril hatchet (400 gs)
    — Magic Mithril smith hammer (400 gs)
    — Magic Mithril bowcraft dagger (400 gs)
    — Magic Mithril saw (400 gs)

    Artifact Armor Sets:
    — Order set (50 gs)
    — Chaos set (50 gs)
    — Armor of Forest set (50 gs)
    — Night Hunter's set (50 gs)
    — Energy mage set (50 gs)
    — Fire mage set (50 gs)
    — Magic Bone set (50 gs)
    — set of Darkness (50 gs)

    Rare metal Armor Sets:
    — Full Inferno platemail armor (160 gs)
    — Full Blue Steel platemail armor (160 gs)
    — Full Snow platemail armor (160 gs)
    — Full Mithril platemail armor (120 gs)
    — Full Dragon platemail armor (160 gs)

    — Full Inferno chainmail armor (140 gs)
    — Full Blue Steel chainmail armor (140 gs)
    — Full Snow chainmail armor (140 gs)
    — Full Mithril chainmail armor (100 gs)
    — Full Dragon chainmail armor (140 gs)

    — Full Inferno ringmail armor (140 gs)
    — Full Blue Steel ringmail armor (140 gs)
    — Full Snow ringmail armor (140 gs)
    — Full Mithril ringmail armor (100 gs)
    — Full Dragon ringmail armor (140 gs)

Enchant Scrolls:
    — Scroll Enchant Weapon +5 (10 gs)
    — Scroll Enchant Armor +5 (3 gs)
    — Scroll Enchant Jewellery +5 (2 gs)
    — 10x Scroll Enchant Weapon +5 (90 gs)
    — 10x Scroll Enchant Armor +5 (27 gs)
    — 10x Scroll Enchant Jewellery +5 (19 gs)

Durability Increase Scrolls:
    — Durability Increase Scroll +5 (100 gs)
    — Durability Increase Scroll +10 (175 gs)
    — Durability Increase Scroll +20 (300 gs)
    — Durability Increase Scroll +30 (400 gs)
    — Durability Increase Scroll +100 (990 gs)

Rare Transport:
    — King's Zostrich (30 gs)
    — Chaotic Bear (30 gs)
    — Forest Llama (30 gs)
    — North Mustang (30 gs)
    — Cold Blue Orn (30 gs)
    — Nightmare (30 gs)
    — Barbarian Llama (30 gs)
    — Goblin's Beetle (30 gs)
    — Ghost Llama (150 gs)
    — White Warg (300 gs)

    — 100.000 gold (5 gs)
    — 1.000.000 gold (40 gs)
    — 5.000.000 gold (160 gs)
    — 10.000.000 gold (280 gs)
    — 1.000 hours of online time (490 gs)
    — 1.000 fame (200 gs)
    — 5.000 fame (500 gs)
    — Change Name Scroll (500 gs)
    — Change Gender Scroll (200 gs)
    — Guild Delay Avoiding Scroll (50 gs)
    — Talisman of Tracking Avoiding (50 gs)
    — New random veterans cloak hue (1000 gs)

If you want to clarify how to get Gods Stones(gs), you should register an account in our forum composing Private Message to Wap.


Enchanting scrolls

You can find magic enchant scrolls here and there.
Unleashed magic force of this scrolls may enrich weapons’ damage and armor’s defence. Once enchanted, item will keep enchant power always.
You can refine items more than once; enchant power stacks if enchant’s successful, but target item will be destroyed in case of enchanting fizzle.

First enchant is always successful.
Here’s some re-enchant rates:
— 50% to success if current refine level’s below +5.
— [50−({current refine level}−5)×2.5]% to success if current refine level’s above +5.

Please, never re-enchant arms while you aren’t ready to lose it.

Skill books

You can find some skill books quite often. Such books named like “About Archery level 3”. Objective skill will be improved after reading. You can read the same book only once.
Skill bonus is related to character`s skill level, so there`s no much difference when to use it. Skill gain bonus` based on book`s level.

We don’t recommend to use the skill books when your skill level is close to current level skillcap. Your skill will be improved only up-to-cap in this case.

In-game time. Veteran's cape

There’s overall in-game timer for every character. You can find it in character status (look for in-game commands for more info).
12 level character with 3000 hours in-game time can be awarded with Veteran’s Cape.
That’s rare-colored cape that gives nice bonuses : 15 Armor, +15 Str +15 Dex, +30 Int. Veteran’s Cape is blessed (newbie), indestructible and can be used only by it’s owner.
Contact administration if you want to be awarded with it.

Arena For Fun

Gate to Arena located near Altair bank. AFF features:
— stats, skills, buffs and equipment doesn’t change while entering arena;
— you can attack any player within arena, even your faction mates;
— player teleports to Altair in case of death at arena;so you can’t be looted while killed at AFF.
You can always leave AFF using exit gate which`s located in NE corner of arena.

Dungeon treasures

You can find treasure chests in all the dungeons of the world.
Apart of other things, these treasures can contain rare books, alchemical recipes, gems and rare metals. Rumor says that deepest undergrounds keep even items, secrets of which are lost now.
To unlock suchlike treasure box, you will need to get some old key. Such keys may be obtained only as loot from dungeon treasure keepers. However, that’s not easy job — more goods in treasure means more dangerous treasure guards.
So, low-level treasures, which’s protected by weak creatures, may be a bit of help for novice; and high-level chests from the deeps can be a desirable target for treasure hunter party.

Treasure system

You can find “treasure map” items all around the world — notes that pointing the place where you can find some buried treasures chests. In such chests you can find some gold, bijou metal, jewelry, magic scrolls, and even ancient artifacts occasionally.

Such a treasure maps is a rarity. It may become as a loot to lucky monster hunter and also it can be obtained as a reward for taking part in the hostilities in the global faction war — both for the protection friendly territories and for attacking and capturing enemy’s.
By the way, this items is not the real maps — these notes is encrypted, and complexity of the encryption depends on the value of the treasure, which map could lead to. To understand the found records and turn them into a real guide to the treasures you will need a pretty high cartography skill. If you don’t have enough cartography, you can always ask NPC cartographers for help, but remember — this service is not so cheap. If you have already decoded treasure map, then you will have no problems to find a needed place, even if you are an inexperienced cartographer.
To dig up a treasure chest you will need a shovel. But be careful! You will dig up some creatures together with a chest, and these creatures definitely will not be pleased to see you. To get the treasure you will need to kill all of this treasure keepers.
You need a lock pick to open the treasure chest and lockpicking skill of course. Note, that the more valuable treasure is, the more difficult lock will be attached to chest

Spheres of Journeys

This world has many magical spheres, connected with each other they form a network of  Spheres of Journeys. Those artifacts allow users to travel at unimaginable speeds. Teleportation from one sphere to another takes only a few seconds.
You could find these spheres in all big cities of the empire and also at some other special/remarkable places.

NOTE: Spheres locations are unchangeable. Which is dangerous, as there is always a chance someone might prepare an ambush for you. Remember this when travelling in the battle projection of the world.

Vendors and Marketplace

   There is a Markeplace located in Altair with 122 Vendor places.

If you need to buy something unusual(what NPC-vendors dont sell) youre welcome here. There is an option, for searching items on website, using  web-market

If you want to have your own private Vendor, than you should go to Marketplace, located in Altair, and search free place for your Vendor. Double clicking on Display Case you can place your Vendor for 2.000.000 gold coins. 10 day Vendor rent costs 100.000 gold coins. You can equip your Vendor, one time left clicking on him and opening Paperdoll.

Vendor Menu can be found with double click on him, where you can : open your bank; see items list; open chest with selling items; take money from sold items and pay a rent. To Add items for selling, you should open chest with selling items, adding items you want to sell. After adding each item, you should give a selling price to it, typing ingame message like "100000" , selling item will cost 100k. You will get system message from your vendor, when you will set a price.

    Important! Dont forget to check price you've set, and to pay a rent.

House system

If your bank can hold any weight more - Place a house!

As a house owner, you have many features available, such as: option to change the locks, lock down items, adding friends, transfer ownership etc.

The first thing you will need, is a house placement tool  housetool This item is blessed, you can buy it from architect NPC in the Carpenter shop for 1150gp.


Placement Rules

To place a house, you must be sure that you have found a good opened spot for your house that is free of major obstructions such as trees, throughout the entire footprint of the house; small rocks and plants can be built over. The ground where you wish to place your house must be flat, as uneven ground will usually prevent the placement of a house. Houses cannot be placed in a guard zone, or any region that is zoned for no housing. There must also be space around the house for placement.


What Type of House?

Double clicking the house placement tool housetool  will bring up a menu where you can select the type of house you would like to build. The choice is divided into 3 sections;

  • classic houses, which are prebuilt
  • two story customizable houses which have a length and width of minimum 7 tiles and maximum 13 tiles
  • three story customizable houses with sizes varying between 9 x 14 and 18 x 18.


The tool also lists the cost of the house, the amount of available storage, what proportion of that storage may be used by ‘lockdown’s and your bank balance.

Also worth mentioning is that a 15 x 15 house (or one having the same floor area, ie 14 x 16, 13 x 17 etc) has the maximum storage available in a customizable house. Larger houses have more floor area, but the same storage allocation. Only the classic small stone keep and castle (the last two buildings in the image below) have more storage.


Below are all the ‘pre-built’ classic houses that are available:

Wooden House
Price: 1.000.000gp

Fieldstone House
Price: 1.000.000gp

Small Brick House
Price: 1.000.000gp

Stone & Plaster
Price: 1.000.000gp

Thatched Cottage
Price: 1.000.000gp

Wood & Plaster
Price: 1.000.000gp

Small Stone Workshop
Price: 1.200.000gp

Small Marble Workshop
Price: 1.200.000gp

Small Stone Tower
Price: 1.600.000gp

Sandstone with Patio
Price: 1.800.000gp

2 Story Log Cabin
Price: 2.200.000gp

2 story Villa
Price: 2.500.000gp

Brick House
Price: 2.500.000gp

Large Marble with Patio
Price:  3.000.000

2 Story Stone & Plaster
Price:  3.500.000gp

2 story Wood & Plaster
Price:  3.500.000gp

Price: 6.000.000gp

Stone Keep
Price 10.000.000gp

Price: 20.000.000gp








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