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Combat system and server mechanics

This article contains knowledge about features of UORPG.net, knowledge which can help any player. We have troubles to remember all of the features, so we will refresh this article regulary.

1) Classes as they are do not have any influence on the game process. They only determine skill and stat caps, which you can increase. For example if a knight, archer and a mage use same gear while having all the same skills and stats, they will be equal. Although there is an exception for special build-in abilities.

2) Some skills are replaced with another ones or simply turned off. You can find detailed information about them at the appropriate section of the site.

3) Some new parameters have been added, such as:
Intoxication: increases while drinking potions, it changes your ability to drink potions and also weakens it's effect, the higher it gets the weaker the effect becomes. If your intoxication is over the top, you can't drink anything untill your body has detoxicated.
Magic disciplines are the static ones - Each magic discipline has it's own parameter which can increase spell power of the certain school, also works for defensive magic spells.You can find the information about magic disciplines at the appropriate section of the site.

4) Any two-handed melee weapon and heavy crossbows have a chance to dismount the opponent on hit.

5) If you will get hit in melee while using a bow, your shot will be interrupted and your bow might get damaged. 

6) Besides the certain weapon skill your damage depends on some stats.:
All bladed weapons and maces gain extra damage from your strength.
All fencins weapons gain extra damage mostly from your strength and some from your agility.
All ranged weapons gain extra damage primary from your strength and agility equally. 

7) The server has certain delays:
a) Looting;
b) Equipping/unequipping of the gear;
c) Dropping items on the ground;
You won't be able to do any of these actions faster then the server delay. Creates a fair chance for players which don't use any add-ons/programms.

8) To prevent scamming from the insiders, the ability of killing any of the allied players is turned-off. There is no possibility of getting in fight with everyone yet, this can be performed only at the arena so far.

9) You can have 3 friends at UORPG.NET, of course all of them must be your alies. They will have the permission to loot your corpse. All the other allies are unnable to do this.

10) You can cast regular spells while moving. You can cast rune magic spells only while not moving.

11) Chances to interrupt spell casting:
  - Any physical damage always interrupts spells and actions.
  - Poison spell effect will always interrupt spells and actions.
  - You can not interrupt NPC's while casting.
  - Any harmful magic spell cast above the first circle(except the paralyze) will interrupt any other harmful magic spell cast(except for paralyze), invisibility and magic reflection will be interrupted too.
- Paralyze spell cast will fizzle other paralyze spell cast;
- Paralyze spell can fizzle all harmfull magic spells above the 1st circle if the .fparalyze mode is on( you can turn this mode on/off by typing .fparalyze);

12) Casting speed of the usual magery is constant and doesn't depend on any of the skills or stats.(Also check p. 15)

13) All of the fighting skills, magery and basic stats such as (strength, agility, intelligece) increase only while fighting NPC's. Crafters can increase their skills also while gathering resources and crafting. 

14) Some build-in social abilites:
Crafter - Gains 5 times more experience from crafting items.
Paladin - Has no casting speed penalty from chainmail armour.

15) Fame points and ranking system:
- Maximum fame points: 25000.
- With every 5000 fame points, characters get a promotion in rankings:
5000 - Lieutenant;
10000 -Captain;
15000 - Major;
20000 -Colonel;
25000 - General.
- Each rank increases overall damage by 4%.
You can gain fame by doing following things:
- Killing NPC's, 1 Fame point for each 500 experience points.
- Defeating gladiators at the arena.
-Capturing outposts .

16) Your equipment is getting damaged 3 times faster in PVP then in PVM. You lose 1 durability point each time it gets damaged. If your item reaches 0 durability points it breaks and disappears. Besides, in PVP there is a chance to break your item while it has less then 5 durability points.

17) Swords(Swordsmanship) has a  10% chance to deal a critical strike. Critical strikes are 1.5 times more powerful then regular strikes.
Maces and Hammers(Macefighting) decreases opponents mana and stamina by hit.
Spears and Fences(Fencing) do more damage to Platemail Armors, and less for Light Armors.


18) Certain classes have equipment boundaries:
- Mages and Necromancers can't equip chainmail and platemail armors;
- Vampires can't equip Order items;
- Paladins can't equip Chaos items, battle axes and sickles

Copyright © by UORPG.net All Right Reserved.

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