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Classes on UORPG.net define ability to build character stats and skills. Classes devide into two groups. The first one isn't involved with any side of war, It is knight, archer, mage and a craftsman. The second group  - are special classes which include: paladin, assassin, vampire and a necromancer -  they exist only on the specific sides and the only way can be chosen is by selecting the appropriate alliance.

Class list:

Knights (Characteristics)

 Masters of the close combat. No one can be compared with their ability to use swords, spears and cudgels.


Archers (Characteristics)

Masters of ranged weapons like bows and crossbows. It's the perfect class for hunting and fortification defense.


Mages (Characteristics)

Since ancient times used in the empire with honor and respect. One of the best combat classes. Most proficient in alchemy and inscription.


Craftsmen (Characteristics)

Masters of gathering resources and crafting goods. Comepratively weaker in battle than other classes, but each class depends on them because of their ability to make great equipment.


Paladins (Characteristics)

Once the part of healers of the Holy Empire guild of magicians has abandoned the guild and established their own guild - guild of paladins. This class is expert in healing and holy magery, simultaneously being close combat warriors.

Special class of the Holy Empire.


Assassins (Characteristics)

To lay wait, kill from behind, steal, to poison - their favourite ploy. Men without principles and special purpose. Many are calling them robbers and murderers.

Special class of Insurgents (rebels).


Vampires (Characteristics)

Special class of close combat warriors created by the personal order of the God of Dakrness. They inherent special abilities and deficiency. Can quickly heal their wounds, recuperate by using blood. They are vulnerable to silver, garlic and holy magic.

Special class of Army of Darkness.


Necromancers (Characteristics)

Special class of mages created by one of the greatest magicians among people in history - Xamantirius. Necromancers study necromancy and special magic knowledge. This class is most proficient in making poisons.

Special class of Shadows.


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