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In early May, there will be proceed a big cleaning:
-Characters, which were long time offline will be deleted - according to the rules;
-Houses with unpayed rent will be also deleted.

1) Referal system is active now. More infos you can find in Help menu ingame. Each account has personal link, if a player came to shard through your link and will be leveling up his character - you will get Referal Points, which you can exchange on gp or Gods Stones. Referal system will work only if invited player has constant IP.
You can share Referal link with other people, or just putting it somewhere as Spam- hoping that someone will click on it, and will start playing ;)
Referal system allows you to see invited players aswell.
2) Newbie dungeon has a weak Boss now - Lizardman Chief.
3) Resourse harvesting (ores and trees as Birch and higher) are easier to get now.
4) Cooper deposits and higher, added to NPC Tasks.
5) Monsters aggression is decreased. Now monsters wont swich attack on ranged player so fast. Melee attacker is primary target from now.
6) From now, you can get off from the ship in both (Run/Walk) options.
7) Zhar-Ptica (Firebird mount) sounds fixed.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 15.05.2017    Discuss on forum

1) There is an option to disable General/Alliance/Global chats in Help menu now.
2) Fixed some bugs and mistakes ingame.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 08.05.2017    Discuss on forum

1) Added new Package "Premium+", with next bonuses to Premium Account, in addition: 
- x2 experience gain; 
- x3 increasing skill and stat gain; 
- x2 drop rate for a treasure maps from NPC; 
- x2 drop rate for dungeon key from NPC; 
- insurance of the rare mount is free and activates automatically; 
- You can summon Zhar-Ptica (Firebird mount) which gives 30 strength, agility and 60 intelligence to owner, (same good as Reptalon in battle). 
2) .premium menu is seriously improved.
3) Updated Reinar store, added Premium+, 5 / 20kk experience, 10kk gold ,+100 durability increase scroll , Ghost Llama, Mithril and Dragon sets, package "Absolute Character". 
4) Absolute Character pack added: 
- Premium+ for life (as long as character exists); 
- 20 level, with maximum skills and stats; 
- You can change the class one time in week, after the class change player gets maximum skills and stats; 
- Earrings of Adventurer, Blessed, unbreakable, can be equiped by owner; 
- 3,000 hours in the game, and Veteran's Cloak of non-standard style; 
- 50,000,000 gold; 
- 25.000 fame. 
5) The winners of the Team Tournament (if the pair win first place) will receive a Premium Account for a day. 
6) Premium Account for one day , you can also buy from Zaira, for 5 frozen badges. 
7) Treasure maps, deposits and rare monsters wont appear on the House territories anymore. It's still can happen, but with more lower chance. From now, if your treasure map/deposit is leading to the territory of the house, it can be exchanged by the server administration. 
8) Earthquake spell damage decreased. 
9) Price for ships reduced.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 04.05.2017    Discuss on forum

Competition Winners for April:
War of Alliances, Order: General Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Nercomancer
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Negative [FoW] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Monsters: Cyclops lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Bosses: Eddyeagle [RAQ] lvl. 20 Assasin
Experience from Harvesting: Zasipat lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Crafting: Orlin lvl. 17 Crafter
Team Tournament Points: Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Nercomancer
Gods Stones withdrawed: Sochi lvl. 17 Vampire
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Eddyeagle [RAQ] lvl. 20 Assasin
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Hit [RAQ] lvl. 20 Knight
Full list of Competition Winners for April - Competitions.
 Lady Joanne d'Arc, 01.05.2017    Discuss on forum

1) Summer fee for personal vendor reduced to 100,000 gold for 10 days.
2) Task button leading to next page - fixed. 
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 30.04.2017    Discuss on forum

1) Added Deposits from Black Steel up to Lava, also from Birch to Ice.
2) Deposits added in Tasks, also new Deposits can be found in threasure maps. As higher threasure map is - as more chance you have to get it.
3) Tasks with Golem Heart's - Fixed! Now NPC wont ask so many of them.
4) Some minor bugs fixed.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 27.04.2017    Discuss on forum

Introducing a major gameplay udpate for Crafters "Hammer blow"
1) Next tasks for Crafters are added;
- Armorer offers tasks which allows you to forge Holy Ore;
- Bowyer offers tasks which allows you to craft Cursed bows;
- Carpenter offers tasks which allows you to use Cursed logs in Carpentry;
- Weaponsmith also offers, wuthout learning any knowleges.
Important! All craftable items must be Marked with your name, for successful task !!!
From now, players will be more interested playing as a Crafter!
2) Blacksmith npc offers task for (Blacksmith, Weaponsmith and Armorer), which allows you to mine Holy Ore. Now Holy Ore can be found in Deposits dropped from Monsters, in early May this option will be removed.
3) Paroxysmum boss loot updated.
4) Added 2 new Voting buttons. For each Voting, players will get exp and gold.
5) Jaguar's Claw damage increased from 70 to 75.
6) Cold Blue Orn armor gain reduced from 40 to 35.
7) Desert Orn transformed to Desert O'clock
8) Rare shrouds cant be painted by player anymore. Soon all painted shrouds will get original color automaticly (expect shrouds given as reward)
9) Changed weight for some items.
10) World is saving all 40 minutes from now.
 Lady Joanne d'Arc, 24.04.2017    Discuss on forum

In early May, there will be proceed a big cleaning:
-Characters, which were long time offline will be deleted - according to the rules;
-Houses with unpayed rent will be also deleted.
Lady Joanne d'Arc , 17.04.2017    Discuss on forum

1) Ancient potions regenerates 140 life points, stamina points and 225 mana points.
2) Ancient potion drop is decreased, they dont drop from Inquisitor mobs anymore.
Soon will be added new potions which can be made from recepies. 
3) Invisibility potions requires now 3 Eyes of Newt instead of 5. 
4) Asylum Boss ability damage is decreased.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 10.04.2017    Discuss on forum

There is added an option to get back your lost, or destroyed Blessed items. You can do it by Reinar, in section "I want to change Gods Stones/Blessed items" This Option costs 100 Gods Stones. Important ! : this function will not allow to return Blessed items that was destroyed a long time ago, and Administration also wont do it. List of Blessed items that could be returned - is shown before paying Gods Stones.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 05.04.2017    Discuss on forum

About our shard

UORPG.net - is a free Ultima Online server. UO - one of the oldest MMORPG's, which still has it's loyal fans. This shard is scripted in a free style, limits of developing your characters are the levels and classes, most systems on our shard are unique. There is no other "Ultima Online" server which is alike. If you like playing old school Ultima, then enjoy playing it on UORPG.net!

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