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News from 18.02.2018
1) Occlo is removed from spectating location list. You are able to spectate Trinsic city (new "pvp zone") and King's Hill.
2) Some small changes in King's Hill event. Animation of active zone has been changed, old version could interfere the PvP.
Vikky, 18.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 16.02.2018
1) Rare colors you are able to by from Reinar are saving on Veterans cloak now. Later you can switch to color you already bought also to standart purple color.
2) Fight on King's Hill event will start in 5 minutes after opposite guild accept the fight.
3) King's Hill cancellation delay is set up to 5 minutes.
Vikky, 16.02.2018    Discuss on forum

Rule paragraph 6.2
Added new server rule paragraph:
6.2 Fighting on King's Hill event by conspiracy has been forbidden. If rival guild did not accept the fight, other guild must capture the Hill, without draging out time and getting points.
Punishment: Cleaning up to 500 units of horse manure/ or 50 raiting points penalty.
Vikky, 16.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 14.02.2018 - King's Hill Event
New Event called - King's Hill has been added!
1) To participate in this event, member of the guild must talk to Zaira about events, and challenge other guilds saying "-My guild is the best"
2) When the challenge is active, guild will get rating points (not counting, when other events are active)
3) If other guild will answer your challenge, battle on King's Hill will start. Battle is with FULL LOOT.
4) Goal is to control "hill" - for players on the court in the center of the arena the guild receives points.
5) If the guild got 300 points, battle will end.
6) If all of the players from same guild will be dead or they will leave arena, battle will end.
7) The battle lasts 30 minutes. Guild who has got more points - will win.
8) If the player will leave arena, other guild member is able to join the battle after 3 minutes.
9) After the end of the battle, team that has lost - immediately leaves the arena, and the winners will stay there 5 minutes more , to loot bodies.
10) Guild which won get 20 rating points and experience, loosers guild looses that.
11) Active challenge can be withdrawn any time (if other guild did not accept the challange)
Caution! Event is in beta testing stage, bugs are possible! Small issues wont be considered, incase of big losses due to bug, decisions will be taken individually.
Also if noone attacks Siege of Capital Crystal within 15 minutes, this will consider a successful defense and event will End.
Vikky, 14.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 10.02.2018 - Files Update
1) Game client were updated. Each player must download New Update Files and extract them to game folder.
2) Trinsic city was rebuilt. The update was conducted focused on PvP. You can teleport to Trinsic using Red Portal in Altair.
3) Reinar came with new service: for 1000 gods stones he can dye your Veteran Cloak in random rare color. You can find it in menu "Other" talking to Reinar.

If you have downloaded the update before 21:30 (server time) it is hightly recommended to download and extract files repeatly. Animation changes has been reverted due of problems in UO Steam / Orion.
Vikky, 10.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 09.02.2018
1) .use command has been added for "smart" potion use:
.use heal - drinks highest healing potion from your pack;
.use bood - drinks blood potion;
.use mana - drinks highest mana refreshing potion from your pack;
.use refresh - drinks highest stamina refreshing potion from your pack;
.use cure - drinks highest cure potion from your pack;
.use restoration - drinks Barbarian Restoration potion;
.use invis - drinks invisibility potion;
2) Some old comands were simplified. Instead of .showmap you can say .map. Also all comands with prefix ".m_" (instead of .m_show) were simplified aswell : .pet_add and so on.
3) Level 3 and 7 Treasure Map color was changed.
Vikky, 09.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 08.02.2018
1) Alchemyst tasks have been updated.
2) Two new healing potions introduced: Ultimate Heal Potion (+125 health, 40 intoxication) and Legendary Heal Potion (+160 health, 40 intoxication).
3) New potion recepies can be obtained performing Alchemyst given tasks.
4) You will be able to craft new potions with: Magic Elemental Mortar and Pestle.
5) Bottles and Flasks have been added to Tinkering menu.
6) Flame Shroud craft requirements are lower now.
Vikky, 08.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 06.02.2018
1) Order and Chaos Guild place size has been increased to 10 players, Renegades to 12.
2) If none of the Guild members has received a reward for Siege of Capital event, whole Guild will loose 20 rating and 20 experience points.
3) "Hide other Spectators" button has been added to the settings menu.
4) You wont be invited to Siege of Capital event if the current location of the player is on the ship.
5) "Low progress bar" button has been added to the settings menu for player convenience.
Vikky, 06.02.2018    Discuss on forum

Competition Winners for January
War of Alliances, Order: Colonel Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
War of Alliances, Chaos: Colonel Cheburashka [UFC] lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Monsters: Pomi lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Bosses: Lalka [GSFM] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Harvesting: Nubas lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Crafting: Modirs [IA2] lvl. 19 Crafter
Team Tournament Points: Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
Gods Stones withdrawed: Dain lvl. 20 Mage
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Cancel [FC] lvl. 20 Archer
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Fow [GL] lvl. 20 Knight
Vikky, 01.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 19.01.2018
1) The Guard Zone of the Quintar and Aiventis was expanded. You are not able to cast Wall of Stone spell on the brigde (standing in the guard zone), also guards will attack players on the bridge.
You are able to close the bridge with Wall of Stone spell standing outside the Guarded Zone.
2) You wont be rewarded in Siege of a Capital event standing inside the city. You should stay outside the Guard Zone or on the Brigde to get Rewarded. 
3) You are able to change Fraction from now talking to Reinar.
Vikky, 19.01.2018    Discuss on forum

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