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UORPG 8th anniversary!
Congratulations to everyone on the 8th anniversary of the UORPG server! On this occation:
1) Any player can get a month of Premium account free of charge for for one of his characters. The give-away will last till the end of March. Details: here
2) Letters began to fall from all monsters . The inscription "UORPG.net" can be exchanged for a valuable gift from the Hrug at the Altair market.
Letters will fall until April 14. Exchange will be possible till the end of April. There is a chance to get a new Brown Warg from the gifts.
3) Reinar made temporary sale to Advanced Start character package, now it's only 190gs(instead of 490). To your notice, prices for long term(3+ month) Premium account have been lowered recently.
4) Memory learned books about skills has been cleared so you can use all books again to learn.
5) Forbidden City reworked:
- Dragon Scales armor(Chainmail) recepies has been added to loot.
- Drop chance of Portal scroll to Forbidden City has been decreesed.
- Main boss - Prophet has beem updated.
6) Ancient Warrior items has been updated, war projection bonuses added
7) Bonuses of Robe of Basilisk reworked. Due to severe changes gold that was spend on Blessing this item can be returned.
8) Damaging into guard-zone while being out of it and out of it being in it is now forbidden
9) Defence crystals on Siege has been relocated 6 tiles away from bridge.
Here is a theme where you can learn all the bonuses of new items. It's a plain code in other case you can use Item Identification in game.
Kyrie, 14.03.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 12.03.2018
1) New subsystem of item bonuses for battle projection has been added. It's implemented for top items that can't be blessed. For now this items are:
- Cloak of Winter, Rune Staff, Staff of Corruption, Bardiche of Paraxysmus, Talisman of Paroxysmus, Lord of Flame's Talisman, Lord of Winter's Talisman, Mantle of Fanatic Priest, Hat of Fanatic, Dread Crossbow.
Additional bonuses can be seen using special skill - Item Identification.
Also bonuses of 3% additional damage for weapons made of Dragon / Daemonic and 10% additional damage for weapons made of Holy / Cursed / Legendary been added.
Bonuses works in PvP as well as in PvM but only in battle projection.
It's not a bug that you can enter Arena For Fun in battle and peace projection while Altair is only one in the world.
2) Prices for Premium accaount with duration 3 months and more are lowered.
3) Prices for fame bought at Reinars are lowered.
4) Rates of convertion points at Referal system into gold or gods stones are raised by 1.5 times.
5) Basic bonus to magic force of Mantle of Fanatic Priest is slightly reduced due to significantraise of bonuses in battle projection.
6) Parametrs of Robe of Magic Defence are improved.
Kyrie, 13.03.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 01.03.2018
1) Guard post spectating is now off as lots of players voted for this.
2) Magic fields animation potentially could overloaded central processor, so the animation is now turned off. Older patches that changed the animation probably won't work anymore because wall part IDs is changed. Now it's a random frame from previous animation.
3) Now standard veterans cloak color can be returned by clicking on it(in case the cloak was dyed).
Kyrie, 01.03.2018    Discuss on forum

Competition Winners for February:
War of Alliances, Order: Colonel Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Rocknrolla [Jus] lvl. 20 Knight
Experience from Monsters: Pomi lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Bosses: Sergost lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Harvesting: Nubas lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Crafting: Modirs [IA2] lvl. 20 Crafter
Team Tournament Points:Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
Gods Stones withdrawed: Garnier [Holy] lvl. 20 Vampire
Reinar's Enchant Lottery:  Pomi lvl. 20 Archer
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out:  Pomi lvl. 20 Archer
Kyrie, 01.03.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 26.02.2018
1) Death boss summoning algorithm had been changed. This was made to fix issues that may cause rare apearing of boss in a world.
2) Increased cooldown for all 4 types of magic energy fields from 30 to 60 seconds.
Kyrie, 01.03.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 22.02.2018
1) Borders of zone where you'll get rewards at the end of siege now will be marked with flags. Beware, you can missunderstand your location due to perspective view so  to move into the reward zome several tiles deeper.
2) Mage vendor now buying new rare goods.
3) It'll cost 2kk gold instead of 5kk to become renegade.
4) Now Kings Hill won't end if fighters on one side are all dead so battle ends with points victory only
5) Fixed several bugs.
Kyrie, 01.03.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 20.02.2018
1) Command .report_afk on Frozen River now automaticaly sends afk player to clean 100 horse dunk in case he don't move in 1.5min.
2) Now it's impossible to lock impassabile items that are not a fence or door in 2 tile range from house border.
3) All clothes personal vendor is wearing when he leaves trading place due to non-receipt of salary are stored for a month as well as goods he was selling. When month passes you lose all your staff.
4) Minor bugs fixed
Kyrie, 20.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 18.02.2018
1) Occlo is removed from spectating location list. You are able to spectate Trinsic city (new "pvp zone") and King's Hill.
2) Some small changes in King's Hill event. Animation of active zone has been changed, old version could interfere the PvP.
Vikky, 18.02.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 16.02.2018
1) Rare colors you are able to by from Reinar are saving on Veterans cloak now. Later you can switch to color you already bought also to standart purple color.
2) Fight on King's Hill event will start in 5 minutes after opposite guild accept the fight.
3) King's Hill cancellation delay is set up to 5 minutes.
Vikky, 16.02.2018    Discuss on forum

Rule paragraph 6.2
Added new server rule paragraph:
6.2 Fighting on King's Hill event by conspiracy has been forbidden. If rival guild did not accept the fight, other guild must capture the Hill, without draging out time and getting points.
Punishment: Cleaning up to 500 units of horse manure/ or 50 raiting points penalty.
Vikky, 16.02.2018    Discuss on forum

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UORPG.net - is a free Ultima Online server. UO - one of the oldest MMORPG's, which still has it's loyal fans. This shard is scripted in a free style, limits of developing your characters are the levels and classes, most systems on our shard are unique. There is no other "Ultima Online" server which is alike. If you like playing old school Ultima, then enjoy playing it on UORPG.net!

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