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Duel system has been added. You can join it, talking with Zaira in Altair, asking her to join dungeon. You will be teleported to the Hall of Duel Master. Duel system is in Beta version, so some things can work not correctly.
Duel system options:
- From now, duels can be only in Tournament Style;
- From 1x1 to 5x5 (players must be in a party, and lobby must be created by party leader);
- 3 class options: can't be changed, can be changed and one class for all;
- duel goes from 1 to 3 wins (can be chosen in lobby)
- you can bet gold in duels, with 10% win tax.
- timeout - time, after which - duel stops. Winner in this case will be player, who has  more HP (can be chosen in lobby, max 20 minutes).
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 21.07.2017    Discuss on forum

1) Command .spectate has been added ingame, vendor Zaira(Altair) proposes this option aswell. You are able to spectate tournaments, and other events in special areas from now.
2) +0.5 Desintoxication has been added to Archer as class bonus.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 20.07.2017    Discuss on forum

You can make items using new resources from now : Holy, Cursed, Legendary. Requires 190.0% of skill and special knowlege (can be learned by making tasks).
New armor set Bonuses:
- Platemail/Chainmail/Ringmail: 140/85/70 Armor;
- 40 magic protection;
- 1/sec Health, Stamina and Mana Regeneration;
- 0.5/sec Desintoxication;
- 200 Defence from Great Daemons.
- 15% damage bonus;
- Platemail/Chainmail/Ringmail: 100/62/50 Armor;
- 30 magic protection;
- 20 Paralyze penetration bonus;
- 10% boss damage protection (can be summed with other bonuses);
- 200 Defence from Great Dragons.
Basic parameters (also bonuses to parameters from each part of armor) are little bit higher that Dragon/Daemonic.
Weapon made from new resources has 40% (Dragon/Daemonic - 30%) chance to do a critical strike in ammount of 150% of damage, staffs have 70% (Daemonic 50%) chance to do a critical magic strike in ammount of 130% of damage.
Also all new weapons have additional 20% Monster Damage bonus (Dragon/Daemonic - 10%)
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 02.07.2017    Discuss on forum

Competition Winners for June:
War of Alliances, Order: General Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Scellio [FoW] lvl. 20 Vampire
Experience from Monsters: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Bosses: Zuliks lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Harvesting: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Crafting: Shadowcraft lvl. 19 Crafter
Team Tournament Points: Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
Gods Stones withdrawed: Bigtry [FoW] lvl. 20 Knight
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Classica [RAQ] lvl. 17 Archer
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Full list of Competition Winners for June - Competitions.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 01.07.2017    Discuss on forum

Indicator system added:
1) System graphically is showing bars with time, as soon as the spell will be casted , or skill will be used.
2) Default update frequency is set up to - 0.5sec., it can be changed ingame on 0.2 and 1.0sec, be carefull, it can cause lags.
3) Indicators for spells and skills are on for a player as Default, in Options you are able to switch on indicators for enemys skills and spells. This option was not tested, so it may be able to word not correctly.
4) Indicator System can be edited in "Help - Options - Progress bars"
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 29.06.2017    Discuss on forum

1)Unpayed houses have been deleted. Items were moved to house owner banks (instead of fences).
2) Next Accounts have been deleted:
- accounts without created characters on them;
- accounts with characters lvl 0, which were inactive from start 2017;
- accounts with characters lvl 1-5, which were inactive from septemper 2016, and which were not binded with e-mail;
- accounts with characters lvl 1-8, which were inactive from start 2016, and which were not binded with e-mail;
- accounts with characters lvl 1-12, which were inactive from start 2015, and which were not binded with e-mail.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 28.06.2017    Discuss on forum

1) New event "Black Plague" has been added in Newbie Dungeon. Activates automatically after killing Undeads.
2) Animal flocks (wolfs, phoenix group) now are much smarter.
3) Runebooks have been fixed. Charges are working correctly now.
4) Much small fixes and corrections were made on the server.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 19.06.2017    Discuss on forum

Competition Winners for May:
War of Alliances, Order: General Zuliks [RAQ] lvl. 20 Archer
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Negative [FoW] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Monsters: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Bosses: Negative [FoW] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Harvesting: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Crafting: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Team Tournament Points: Negative [FoW] lvl. 20 Mage
Gods Stones withdrawed: Qaokijed lvl. 20 Crafter
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Ice [FoW] lvl. 20 Vampire
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Bunny [FoW] lvl. 20 Vampire
Full list of Competition Winners for May - Competitions.
 Lady Joanne d'Arc, 05.06.2017    Discuss on forum

1) Referal system is active now. More infos you can find in Help menu ingame. Each account has personal link, if a player came to shard through your link and will be leveling up his character - you will get Referal Points, which you can exchange on gp or Gods Stones. Referal system will work only if invited player has constant IP.
You can share Referal link with other people, or just putting it somewhere as Spam- hoping that someone will click on it, and will start playing ;)
Referal system allows you to see invited players aswell.
2) Newbie dungeon has a weak Boss now - Lizardman Chief.
3) Resourse harvesting (ores and trees as Birch and higher) are easier to get now.
4) Cooper deposits and higher, added to NPC Tasks.
5) Monsters aggression is decreased. Now monsters wont swich attack on ranged player so fast. Melee attacker is primary target from now.
6) From now, you can get off from the ship in both (Run/Walk) options.
7) Zhar-Ptica (Firebird mount) sounds fixed.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 15.05.2017    Discuss on forum

1) There is an option to disable General/Alliance/Global chats in Help menu now.
2) Fixed some bugs and mistakes ingame.
Lady Joanne d'Arc, 08.05.2017    Discuss on forum

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