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News from 09.01.2018 - World Cleaning
1) All houses that were not payed are deleted. Items which were locked down are transfered to owners bank.
2) Non-active player accounts were deleted:
- level 0 characters that were offline from 1st October 2017
- level 1-4 characters that were offline from 1st March 2017
- level 5-7 characters that were offline from 1st August 2016
3) Changing war proection Option by Reinar is temporarily disabled 
Vikky, 09.01.2018    Discuss on forum

News from 08.01.2018
1) Renegades can participate in Siege of a Capital from now. Rules are next:
- Renegades join attacking side at start;
- If the Crystal lost 50% of its life points, after one minute Renegades join to defending side;
- if the Crystal was successfully defended, Renegades get awarded as winners;
- if in other situations they get awarded as loosers (if they are in 50 tiles zone from crystal);
- renegades can attack or be attacked after 5 minutes, when the Siege of Capital event ends;
- playing in alliance, renegades completely getting their rights on looting, or guard-zone rights and so on, in both world proections;
- also Renegades get "War of Alliances" points, probably they will get Capes later.
2) Defending Crystals (Siege of Capital and Guard Posts) are stronger now. Damage to them has decreased by 35%.
3) Championship settings has been changes. -regenetaion capes will appear on players after 4 minutes insted of 5, one round is set to 18 minutes maximum.
4) Some small bugs were fixed.
Vikky, 08.01.2018    Discuss on forum

Competition Winners for December
War of Alliances, Order: Colonel Misstery [RAQ] lvl. 20 Necromancer
War of Alliances, Chaos: Lalka [GSFM] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Monsters: Kilop [KL] lvl. 20 Knight
Experience from Bosses: Lalka [GSFM] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Harvesting: Nubas lvl. 20 Crafter
Experience from Crafting: Zasipat [Holy] lvl. 20 Crafter
Team Tournament Points: Pomi lvl. 20 Archer
Gods Stones withdrawed: Celo lvl. 19 Knight
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Akaara lvl. 17 Necromancer
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Lalka [GSFM] lvl. 20 Mage
Vikky, 01.01.2018    Discuss on forum

UORPG Grand Championship 2017 Winners
UORPG Grand Championship 2017 Winners are:

1st place: Immortal & Omega & Orange
2nd place: Shyba & Golod & Genesis
3rd place: Snowman & Kragster & Lalka

Congratulations to the winners !!!

Happy New Year !

Vikky, 29.12.2017    Discuss on forum

UORPG Grand Championship 2017 - Official Announcement
Grand Championship will be held on Friday, 29 of December, at 20:00 (Server Time) instead of Team Tournament and Siege of Capital.
Format: 3x3 as Tournament Style, till 2 wins (bo2) , in play-off till 3 wins (bo5).
-Rewards: besides standart rewards, 1st place - 100 euros; second place - 50 euros, third place - 30 euros.
-The prize is given to the whole team, transfer via Paypal, Webmoney or Yandex Money.
-Also you can get your prize in Gods Stones according to donation rates.
-If the administration will come to a conclusion, that some of players were fouling rules of the server, extra giving chance to win opponent team also using forbidden scripts (catch-up, auto-cast and so on), results of that team will be annulled.
-Appeal against judgment or championship results are possible within 3 days.
-Prizes will be distributed in January 2018, after the final approval of the championship results.
As this type of championship is held for the first time, the conditions may be adjusted.
Recommended login: uo.uorpg.net, also player must be ready switching the client to uo2.uorpg.net loginserver, incase if we will get DDOS attack (second adress is more protected from DDOS, but on first connection is more stable)
Vikky, 26.12.2017    Discuss on forum

Happy New Year! (24.12.2017)
1) Game Client has been updated. All players need to download the update files.
2) Minoc City has been completely rebuilt. In fact it is completely new city. Doors and vendors will be added during the day.
3) We have build new Arena For Fun, which is more bigger, and is close to real PVP zone.
4) Santa has arrived to Altair. He has been located in the middle of the city near the Christmas Tree.
All of the monsters drop Snowflakes. You can change them for gifts talking to Santa:
-New Year's cap (+50 Max HP);
-New Year's Mustang, which gives 25 Str, 25 Dexterity, 25 Max HP, 7 Magic Force and 3 Holy Force;
-Present, where can you find Snow Armor parts and other valuables;
Full Snow Armor gives stat bonuses as Elemental, +50 Fire defence, +8% and additional defence bonus (as Inferno).
Snowflakes will drop from monsters till 24 January, you will be able to exchange them to gifts till 10 February.
Old Snow has been melted.
5) Some item rendering have been fixed.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
UORPG Administration, 24.12.2017    Discuss on forum

News from 22.12.2017
1) Renegate Guild will have 10 slots instead of 8, and will get 6 capes for winning instead of 5.
2) Recall cast time has been decreased from 7 to 6 seconds (with Recall talisman - 5 seconds).
3) Private vendor rent cost has been set to 500.0000gp for 10 days.
Vikky, 22.12.2017    Discuss on forum

Server has been relocated !
Server has been sucsessfully relocated to new platform ! 
Main Loginserver (Moscow, Russia):
Reserve Loginserver (Moscow, Russia):

Alternative access points through Germany are in the configuration process.
Login via DNS was switched in game folder also, updating can take till 24 hours, due to DNS server cache.
You can connect to server through our old Loginserver - "Loginserver=uo.uorpg.net"
New server platform has secure DDOS attack protection and specially customized channels for game servers.
All of the players get 24 hours of Premium+ as well.
Ty for patience, we apreciate it!
Vikky, 19.12.2017    Discuss on forum

Maintenance 18.12.2017
Server is offline due Maintenance. UP Soon !
Vikky, 18.12.2017    Discuss on forum

.attacknext on Monsters
From now, using ingame command .attacknext with argument "1" (.attacknext 1), you will be able to set autotarget on nearest Monster.
Vikky, 12.12.2017    Discuss on forum

About our shard

UORPG.net - is a free Ultima Online server. UO - one of the oldest MMORPG's, which still has it's loyal fans. This shard is scripted in a free style, limits of developing your characters are the levels and classes, most systems on our shard are unique. There is no other "Ultima Online" server which is alike. If you like playing old school Ultima, then enjoy playing it on UORPG.net!

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