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Congratulations to everyone on the 7th anniversary of the UORPG server! On this occation:
1) Any player can get a month of Premium account free of charge for for one of his characters. The give-away will last till the end of 14th of April. Details: here
2) Letters began to fall from all monsters . The inscription "UORPG.net" can be exchanged for a valuable gift from the Hrug at the Altair market.
Letters will fall until April 14. Exchange will be possible till the end of April. There is a chance to get a new Pied Warg from the gifts.
3) Reinar made a temporary discount on the characters. The Advanced Start package is available just for 190 gs (instead of 490), Fully-Skilled for 1490 (instead of 1800) and Strong character can be purchased only for 2190 gs (usually 2900).
4) And now we've opened the long-awaited world update - a huge Desert Island with a dungeon to fight through. In the new location you can meet completely new creatures, new rare items and artifacts. Also, several new resources will be added to the game.
Wap, 15.03.2017    Discuss on forum

Ultima Online client based on version has been updated. Fixed all found bugs and defects. Added content for the future updates.
Full Ultima Online HS client can be downloaded - here.
If you are already playing with the client, you can download the update from - here.
Slacker, 21.11.2016    

1) New boss - The Death.
- Randomly appears in the place with a small chance where last "any" NPC was killed. New artefact - Death's Scythe (100% dropping chance). Artefact disappears when new "The Death" boss is killed.
- Death's Scythe parameters: 150 damage, 100 magic power, +20 damage penetration.
2) Great Matriarch of Terathans boss skills were increased, difficulty level is higher from now.
3) Created new statistics for the team tournament and Frozen River and will be recorded on the website soon.
4) Fixed some bugs.
Slacker, 17.11.2016    

1) New Boss and 2 new artifacts added
-  Ophidian Queen: Appears in the jungle, after you killed certain amount of Ophidians.
2) Fixed a bug with containers when you are entering portals or changing world projections.
3) Sword of Dragon Hunter now hits from 2 tiles range.
4) Frozen Talisman price is 50 badges now.
5) Fixed the critical bug with player allocation system at the events.
6) Fixed bug with wrong level requirements on items to wear (For instance - Barbarian masks).
Slacker, 11.11.2016   

1) Player allocation system at the events has been updated. Principle of distribution depends on: class, rank of the player, skill-base.
2) Slightly increased the chance of summoning the boss - Kserxx. South Ratmans respawns time is increased as well.
3) Heavy Crossbow now has a chance to knock the player out of the saddle.
4) Removed 20% absorption of the damage from small arms (Mage's and Necromancer's).
5) Fixed: "Spirit Speak" skill can not be interrupted by magic damage.
Boss "Lord of Shadow" artefacts description:
Ring Of The Daemon Lord:
+20str +20dex +20int
Necromancery defence +15
Fire Magery defence +15
Energy Magery defence +15
Defence from Great Daemons +100
Robe Of Magic Defence:
Defence from slash damage +20
Defence from fire magery +30
Defence from energy magery +30
Defence from necromancy +30
Belt Of Magic Defence:
Necromancery defence +15
Fire Magery defence +15
Energy Magery defence +15
Defence from slash damage +10
Slacker, 06.11.2016    

1) New boss and 2 new artifacts added
- Kserxx, South Ratman King: Appears in the jungle, after you killed certain amount of South Ratman's. South Ratman Chief - the old king of Ratman's. (not the Boss)
2) Damage restrictions
- Each 10% of paralyze immune increases 1% of the maximum damage that can be applied to your character.
- Now all axes have 5% bonus to the penetration of the enemy damage limitation.
3) Magic staff's penetration is reduced
- 4% Chainmail penalty
- 6% Platemail penalty
4) Additionally, several dangerous bugs were fixed.
Slacker, 30.10.2016   

Website updates:
- "How to start", "Special Offers & Give aways", "Files" pages were updated.
- "Discord chat" button added to the website.
- Wiki template is changed. Feel free to fill that with useful content. *Rewards for participation will be provided.
Slacker, 29.10.2016   

Patch notes:
1) Added sales menu for the following vendors: Mage, Alchemist, Scribe, Mapmaker, Newbie Trader, Fur Trader. Now these vendors can buy your goods and rarities even that on UORPG I were not implemented.
2) Guild system is updated to pre-alpha-2 version. Additionally, preservation of the guilds is completely rewritten.
3) Events
- Added an announcement of the winners of the Team Tournament.
- Less bears will be appeared during Gladiators Arena.
- Reward system is updated; Participation in the events provides fame reward:
   - Team Tournament (250 fame for each victory round)
   - Siege of a Capital (500 fame - Victory; 300 fame - Defeat)
   - Frozen River (100 fame for each Badge of Frost)
4) Fixes
- Wall Of Stone spell distance - within 12 tiles.
- Veteran cloak could be received only once.
- Artefact of Force Push is fixed therefore you can not push your opponent underneath the tile.
- Night Hunter's Gorget bonus is aligned with UORPG I accordingly.
- Added checkmark in the display settings to turn off the server-combat messages.
Slacker, 14.07.2016    Discuss on forum

Updates and Discord:

1) Guild system is updated to pre-alpha version.

2) Cold Blue Orn and Goblins Beetle bonuses are changed. Cold Blue Orn – 40 defence, no dismount protection anymore. Goblins Beetle – +25 intoxication, +0.2 intoxication regeneration.

3) Join us on Discord chat channel – Discord Chat

Slacker, 07.07.2016    Discuss on forum

Serious update to Gladiators arena:

- Nicknames are hidden now, chat and party invitations are prohibited.

- At the start of the event, all characters are randomly scattered within arena.

- Added LootPoints. Players can grab the LootPoints, just stepping on that, and equip better weapons, armor or jewellery.

- Reward items for event are buffed with additional + to strength. Furthermore, new prize stone’s are implemented. Exchange system for them will be implemented in near future.

Slacker, 03.07.2016    Discuss on forum

About our shard

UORPG.net - is a free Ultima Online server. UO - one of the oldest MMORPG's, which still has it's loyal fans. This shard is scripted in a free style, limits of developing your characters are the levels and classes, most systems on our shard are unique. There is no other "Ultima Online" server which is alike. If you like playing old school Ultima, then enjoy playing it on UORPG.net!

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