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Patch notes:
1) Added sales menu for the following vendors: Mage, Alchemist, Scribe, Mapmaker, Newbie Trader, Fur Trader. Now these vendors can buy your goods and rarities even that on UORPG I were not implemented.
2) Guild system is updated to pre-alpha-2 version. Additionally, preservation of the guilds is completely rewritten.
3) Events
- Added an announcement of the winners of the Team Tournament.
- Less bears will be appeared during Gladiators Arena.
- Reward system is updated; Participation in the events provides fame reward:
   - Team Tournament (250 fame for each victory round)
   - Siege of a Capital (500 fame - Victory; 300 fame - Defeat)
   - Frozen River (100 fame for each Badge of Frost)
4) Fixes
- Wall Of Stone spell distance - within 12 tiles.
- Veteran cloak could be received only once.
- Artefact of Force Push is fixed therefore you can not push your opponent underneath the tile.
- Night Hunter's Gorget bonus is aligned with UORPG I accordingly.
- Added checkmark in the display settings to turn off the server-combat messages.
Slacker, 14.07.2016    Discuss on forum

Updates and Discord:

1) Guild system is updated to pre-alpha version.

2) Cold Blue Orn and Goblins Beetle bonuses are changed. Cold Blue Orn – 40 defence, no dismount protection anymore. Goblins Beetle – +25 intoxication, +0.2 intoxication regeneration.

3) Join us on Discord chat channel – Discord Chat

Slacker, 07.07.2016    Discuss on forum

Serious update to Gladiators arena:

- Nicknames are hidden now, chat and party invitations are prohibited.

- At the start of the event, all characters are randomly scattered within arena.

- Added LootPoints. Players can grab the LootPoints, just stepping on that, and equip better weapons, armor or jewellery.

- Reward items for event are buffed with additional + to strength. Furthermore, new prize stone’s are implemented. Exchange system for them will be implemented in near future.

Slacker, 03.07.2016    Discuss on forum

Patch notes:

1) New in-game command is added - .exposionenemy (Description: Character throws the highest Explosion potion into your enemy (.combattarget)).

2) Fixed bug with birch logs. You are not allowed to lumberjack that in peaceful projection without Premium Account.

3) Fixed critical hit chance of all magic staffs.

Slacker, 01.07.2016    Discuss on forum

Frozen River:

1) New event added – Frozen River. Brief description: players randomly are divided into 2 teams (Red, Blue). The main goal is to capture the enemy’s flag and take that away to your base.

2) Zaira has started the Badge of Frost exchange. You can get BoF from Frozen River event and buy different types of rare jewellery (a ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace, talisman).  Talisman – a new kind of jewellery object that can be dressed in a single slot. Each type of rare jewellery gives you +10% bonus to absorption of enemy’s anti-paralyze.

3) Additionally, several dangerous bugs were fixed.

Slacker, 24.06.2016    Discuss on forum

Patch notes:

1) Fixed experience and competition points for killing bosses.

2) Fixed player-driven vendors at the Altair. Make sure their rent is paid on time.

3) Spirit Speak bonus: near death bodies Necromancer is able to cure himself from Poison without mana consumption.

Slacker, 11.06.2016    Discuss on forum

Hello friends! I am glad to inform you that the project of transition to the new platform is completed. 28/05/2016 at 8:46PM SphereServer emulator was stopped and at 9:43PM we launched UORPG II Server on C# platform. The project of transition was started 2.5 years ago and 5 programmers were involved in code writing: Wap, Aimed, Exodus, AlterKyrie, DarkMaster. Furthermore, we would like to thank the developers of RunUO emulator as UORPG II server uses some elements from there.

In that regard, thank you for choosing our server and we would like to assure you that now new patches and upgrades will occur more often. Need to mention, the award ceremony of the most active testers will be held next week (on Thursday-Saturday) at the Altair market. The exact time will be specified later.

Slacker, 01.06.2016    Discuss on forum

Newer news.

Server Administration group wish you a happy Valentine's day and wish to all players love and happines
Wap, 14.02.2013

1) Cost in gods stones for creating of the blessed items is reduced by a moderate amount. If you've created blessed items for gods stones before, you can write a PM to Wap and claim your gs back.
2) Prices for boats are increased to 500.000-800.000 gp. All boats were deleted, items in the hatch were moved to the banks of the owners, characters on ships were teleported to Altair.
3) Fire metal has a new name, from now on it's Lava and it has a different color but the same properties.
4) Now you can cast rune magic while moving. Recall and Gate Travel spells casting time's increased by 2.0 seconds.
5) Added new server commands:
.runebook_add - memorizes a runebook ;
.recall X, X - numbers 1-16= numbers of runes in the runebook, starts casting recall.
6) Chain Lightning and Meteor Swarm:
- You can cast them on enemies and on yourself;
- They will harm yourself;
- Radius changed to 3 tiles, instead of 4.
7) New Greater Heal casting time is 2.7s, Magic Reflection 3.2s.
8) Now you can use server casting macros for field magic too.
9) .fparalyze works with following arguments: 0 - turns off the mode, 1 - turns it on.
10) Keys crafter by a crafter will become newbie from now on.
11) Fixed a bug which caused jewellry to lose charges if a friendly player would cast harmfull aoe spells or fields at you.
12) When shrinking a pet, it will fall into your backpack instead of the ground.
13) Robe of Tournament Winner will give set bonus to the following sets: Fire, Energy, Forest, Magic.
14) Teleport spell wont work on the roof anymore, all runes marked on the roof were removed.
15) Ghosts can't command boats anymore.
16) While mounting/dismounting your pet will become the same alliance as you are.
17) Enemies can't enter the gate to Altair in the center of the capital during the siege in the peaceful projection.
18) During daily events, Mass Dispel spell will be disabled.
19) Fixed monsters with extreme lack of tactics, which caused them to miss a lot of attacks and have 0 dodge chance.
20) By poisoning a poisoned enemy, you will reduce his intoxication by 10 points.
UORPG.net team, 08.02.2013    Discuss on forum

1) OVERDAM system's been updated:
- it decays by 90*(hp/maxhp) per second, instead of 70*(hp/maxhp);
- If a character was receiving damage from another character for the last 10 seconds, OVERDAM will count in only the half of the damage. It's been done this way to remove OVERDAM system from 1v1 pvp.
2) Renegades can perform friendly actions towards players of chaos/order alliances. Such as ressing/buffing/healing in the battle projection.
3) You can't attack your own pets anymore.
4) You can attack summonned creatures in the peaceful projection.
5) Crafting:
- Added coloured metal fences;
- Added Coloured wood fences and furniture;
- Colours of Bronze and Copper were changed( Old fences made from those metals will stay same colour).
6) Killing guards in the peaceful projection will give much less experience.
7) You can't place ships in dungeons anymore.
8) .attacknext won't attack party members anymore, it also always refreshes the primary target. Some system messages have been added to make it easier finding bugs if they occur with .attacknext.
9) Added a game option to cancel your action by .attacklast.
10) Random ratio at following things's been normalised: normal critical strikes, cure(potions and spell), parrying.
11) Magic arrow cast's longer by 0.2 sec.
12) Dexterity levels were removed. From now on you'll have random speeds in between them, it will differ by 0.1s. Every point of dexterity will give you a higher chance to hit faster by 0.1.
13) Players can't cast Invisibility spell on NPC's anymore.
14) Crossbow of Raven bug's been fixed, it was dealing 0 dmg to NPC's.
15) More experience will be received by crafting Magic Elemental tinker tools.
16) Players can't wear jewellry while being polymorphed anymore.
 UORPG.net team, 23.01.2013    Discuss on forum

About our shard

UORPG.net - is a free Ultima Online server. UO - one of the oldest MMORPG's, which still has it's loyal fans. This shard is scripted in a free style, limits of developing your characters are the levels and classes, most systems on our shard are unique. There is no other "Ultima Online" server which is alike. If you like playing old school Ultima, then enjoy playing it on UORPG.net!

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