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The Server has restored its work
After some technical issues, the server is working again.
Thank you for patience!
Vikky, 20.11.2017    Discuss on forum

Server is currently not availible.
We have some technical issues with server.
We are working on this problem at the moment.
Be patient!
Vikky, 19.11.2017    Discuss on forum

News from 19.11.2017
1) Color of Mithril have been changed.
2) Recall spell is forbidden in stage dungeons.
3) Bug causing server lags on Friday have been fixed.
4) You cant cast Earthquake spell in Houses from now.
5) Animation of Raptor have been changed.
6) Parrot sound have been updated.
7) Some small bugs were fixed.
Vikky, 19.11.2017    Discuss on forum

World Save Fix
New House Building System was fixed, which was bugged and was causing lag/freeze after World Save.
Vikky, 10.11.2017    Discuss on forum

News from 09.11.2017
1) All players are dealing the whole damage to Crystal on Siege of a Capital in Peace projection. So there is no need to have Premium account for this event now.
2) Siege of Capital : Crystal magic defence has been increased.
3) Ancient jewelry bonuses display fixed.
Vikky, 09.11.2017    Discuss on forum

News from 08.11.2017
1) Visual look of Paralyze Protection Shroud and Shroud of Desintoxication are transforming to Tunic if player is wearing Platemail or Chainmail Armor. If you dont want that your shroud will transform to Tunic, you can turn off this option in Help menu. (This option does not affect other player Shroud Transformation)
2) Ancient jewelry bonuses are dispayed now.
3) Absolute Character class change menu has been fixed. Now you can choose any class, even special class from other Fraction.
4) Sword of Dragon Hunter damage fixed. Now deals double damage to Dragons.
5) World Save system has been changed, regarding to lags after World Save.
6) Some other bugs have been fixed.
Vikky, 08.11.2017    Discuss on forum

News from 06.11.2017
Large color reform has been released.
1) The folowing colors of metals were changed: Meteor, Dark Crystal, Elemental, Mithril, Dragon, Holy.
2) Skill Tome and Enchant Scroll color was changed.
3) Some metal fence colors been changed.
4) Color of Wywern boss has been changed.
This is most biggest color reform in server history, whiсh were under development from year 2008.
Some other Update News.
1) New types of Arena For Fun has been added. They will be automaticly changed once a week. This week we are representing you "Desert Arena".
2) Item stacking is finalized, almost all the rare drop from monsters can be stacked now.
3) Some small fixes in Update Files have beed done.
Vikky, 06.11.2017    Discuss on forum

File Update from 05.11.2017
Client files have been updated. All the players must download new files and update your client.
1) Minoc city has been significantly rebuilt. In the center of the city you can find now mining places.
2) Appearance of The Temple of Evil on Fire island has been upgraded.
3) Official PvP patch wont change appearance of the Altair now.
4) Some small changes in map around the World.
5) Locations added to Map. You can see them using Sphere of Journeys or typing .showmap ingame.
6) Some items can be stacked now.
Client is ready for a Season Update so far, and will be soon Updated.
Some other Changes:
1) Jewelry destroying change in PvM is decreased.
2) World save has been technically changed, may be helpful against lags after World Save.
Vikky, 05.11.2017    Discuss on forum

All players should download file update. It need to be unpacked to game folder AFTER SERVER WILL BE RESTARTED.
Wap, 05.11.2017

News from 1.11.2017
1) 20% of experience gained on Altar Boss in peace proection will be automaticly added to same Altar in War Proection. i.e. - War Proection Altars will raise their energy even if noone is farming War Proection.
2) Talisman of Fast Recall added. Talisman reduces Recall spell from 7 to 6 seconds. Can be dropped from Guard post chests, same as Talisman of Tracking Avoiding.
3) Some small bugs fixed.
Vikky, 01.11.2017    Discuss on forum

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UORPG.net - is a free Ultima Online server. UO - one of the oldest MMORPG's, which still has it's loyal fans. This shard is scripted in a free style, limits of developing your characters are the levels and classes, most systems on our shard are unique. There is no other "Ultima Online" server which is alike. If you like playing old school Ultima, then enjoy playing it on UORPG.net!

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